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Assemble your box.

For the long box, set up the box.  Peel the paper strip off the tape on one flap and seal the box at that end.

For the squat box, assemble the box and tape the bottom end closed.



Assemble your stuff.

Put the following in plastic zipper bags:

  • Any liquid or gel hygiene items.  (Anything that could leak over and ruin food.) 

  • Anything that is strongly scented.  (You don't want the gum to smell and taste of deodorant.)

  • Any liquid foodstuffs, such as juice boxes. 

  • Anything else that might leak, such as applesauce of gelatin or sliced fruit cups.  (Include a spoon with these.)


Line the box with a plastic bag.  This will take a slightly larger bag than the ones you usually get from a grocery store.  Target and Wal-Mart and Borders are excellent places to get these types of bags.  We do this to keep sand out of things. 

If you have to use a grocery store bag, use two.



I previously advised you to buy individually wrapped items.  Be careful of the packaging of these items, and be prepared to break them down.  This box of sesame candy is largely plastic packing material.  This space could be put to much better use.



Pack the box full.

If you are planning on putting in a letter, now is the time to do it.  Also, consider adding one of these cards, or a similar one of your own design.  (You do not need to put a real stamp on these.  Military mail from the front line is free.)



Close the box and tape the top seam shut. 

Then put pieces of tape around all four edges.  This will help prevent sand from blowing into the box.

Label the box.  You can do this by writing with a permanent marker or with a label.  On the box or label include the following:  "If undeliverable, please forward to any chaplain or commanding officer."