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Sometimes you just get too busy to put together a package for your soldier.  When that happens, there are alternatives.

Remember that while the soldiers appreciate the care packages, they truly want to hear from you.  They'd rather have an amateurishly assembled box of dried fruit and tuna from the dollar store with a letter from you than a professionally packed box.  But sometimes, you just can't take the time.

The Soldiers' Angels Store offers several packages that are perfect for the deployed soldier.

Mimimus is the company that provided our packs before we opened the San Antonio warehouse.  They have a huge selection of snacks, hygiene products, and themed packs

Hickory Farms has a nice selection of products like cheese and sausage or fruit and nut packs that ship well to APO and FPO addresses.  Some even have free military shipping.  Don't rely on their "military" option in the menu, as not everything shows up.

Swiss Colony Swiss Colony has a large selection of candy, nuts, dried fruit, and, in the winter, chocolate that can be shipped to our troops.  Unfortunately, they mix it up with anything that can go to an APO/FPO address, so the list includes baby dolls, dog beds, clothing, and trinkets.  Search through the list, though, because their food selections are amazing.

Cookies Direct will ship to APO/FPO addresses for free, and in addition to the message you enter, will include one that says "All of us at Cookies Direct Support You and Your Mission. Thank you!"  You decide how many cookies (2-4 dozen), pick the types, and they add another dozen for free.

House of Jerky contributes to Soldiers' Angels, which makes it a good place to get your soldier a yummy treat. has a lot of gift packs that ship well to places where our troops are deployed, but because they don't separate them, you'll have to pick carefully./p>

ShowYaCare has a military category, but there's no reason why your soldier wouldn't enjoy a college student pack or a camp pack.  Check them all out! has some great packs, all designed for the deployed servicemember.  You start with a basic pack like a Men's or Women's Hygiene Pack or a Troop Care Combo, then add other items to personalize it. has everything from baked goods to packs of granola or Clif bars for your health-concious hero.  At last check, though, their shipping info was a bit wonky.  If your address is "AE," select "Armed Forces." "AP" is "Armed Forces Pacific."  "AA" is "Armed Forces Americas."  I've e-mailed them suggesting a change. makes some adorable cookies, including these red-white-and-blue and American flag ones, and ships to APO/FPO addresses.