Changes in Management Theory
During the Twentieth Century

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The Origins of the Anglo-American Industrial Age Class System


Gantt & Williams

MacGregor and Theories X & Y


Analysis of the Trends

The Hawthorne Effect

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Changes in Management Theory
During the Twentieth Century



This paper has an accompanying presentation.
I'm afraid I was expressing myself a bit.  I'm a cubical peon.
The quotes are all from union organizing songs.  



Final Project for Management 303
Team 4
DeVry University
Spring, 2000



Authorís Note:
Like my paper To Catch a Killer: Polio and the Search for the Vaccine to Prevent Poliomyelitis, this was supposed to be a group effort that ended up being mine alone.  I don't know what the deal is.  My idea of a project is to go hit the library and see what I can dig up.  I make notes.  I think about things.  And about a month later, I write the paper.  In groups, I always ask people which part they'd like to research.  Then I go and do the whole thing, because I don't trust anyone.  One of the team in this group actually walked up to me ten minutes before class with his portion.  Um, guy, it has to be integrated into the paper.

Anyway, I got an A- on this.  It was supposed to be twenty pages maximum, and it runs to thirty-seven.  Sorry.  I left out all sorts of things, like how Taylor was a cross dresser and slept upright in chairs.  Or how the plague depopulated much of Europe, leaving villages without the minimum sustainable population, forcing the people to relocate to towns.