My Research


OK, is this weird or what? I love to do research. I can't think of any topics, but I love to do it when I'm assigned it.  I went back to school in 1999 to get my BS in Telecommunications Management, and along the way I had to do a bunch of research.  Now, for the first time ever, you can read my wondrous works. 

OK, that sounds totally stuck up.  Mostly it's here because, darn it, I worked hard on it. 


Seriously Long Stuff

Pissant Stuff


I have this book called Are You Girls Traveling Alone: Essays in Lesbian Logic, a collection of essays by Marilyn Murphy.  One of the essays was about the "most famous American lesbian," Jane Addams.  Well, I thought, Jane Addams never married and lived in the company of women, but honestly, in that time, how could she have done what she did and be married?  At the UCLA Chicano Studies library, there used to be (and may still be) a book that identifies Thomas (Tomas) Edison as Chicano.  Just another marginalized group claiming someone famous.

So when my Advanced Composition class required a term paper, I decided to research Ms. Addams. She was, after all, a Chicagoan, like me.  And I found out, well, if she wasn't a lesbian, she did a remarkably good impression of one.  For one thing, she and Ellen Starr Gates shared the only double bed at Hull-House.


Actual title: Death, Diarrhoea, and Developing Nations: Nestlé and the Ethics of Infant Formula.  My Business Law prof brought this topic up in class and I wrote a paper about it.  

To Catch a Killer: The Search for the Vaccine to Prevent Poliomyelitis. 

The PBS special based on the book Patenting the Sun came out the same year I had to take History of the Twentieth Century.  My father had had polio, and regained most of his muscle function thanks to the Kenny method.  To me, polio is an ironic disease, a product of modern science that grew from our attempts to prevent cholera and typhoid.  I was fascinated.


Changes in Management Theory in the Twentieth Century.

This paper and it's accompanying presentation were developed for  a class in management theory at Devry University.