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  • First Social Settlement in Chicago

  • First Social Settlement with men and women residents

  • Established first public baths in Chicago

  • Established first public playground in Chicago

  • Established first gymnasium for the public in Chicago

  • Established first little theater in the United States

  • Established first citizenship preparation classes

  • Established first public kitchen in Chicago

  • Established first college extension courses in Chicago

  • Established first group work school

  • Established first painting loan program in Chicago

  • Established first free art exhibits in Chicago

  • Established first fresh air school in Chicago

  • Established first public swimming pool in Chicago

  • Established first boy scout troop in Chicago

  • Investigations for the first time in Chicago of:

    • truancy

    • sanitation

    • typhoid fever

    • tuberculosis

    • distribution of cocaine

    • midwifery

    • children's reading

    • infant mortality

    • newsboys

    • social value of the saloon

  • Investigations that led to creation and enactment of first factory laws in Illinois

  • Investigations that led to creation of the first model tenement code

  • First Illinois Factory Inspector, a Hull-House resident, Florence Kelley

  • First probation officer in Chicago, a Hull-House resident, Alzina Stevens

  • Labor unions organized at Hull-House:

    • Women Shirt Makers

    • Women Cloak Makers

    • Dorcas Federal Labor Union

    • Chicago Woman's Trade Union League68

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