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The following classes were offered at Hull-House during the month of January, 1895.

  • Arithmetic

  • Beginning Latin

  • Chemistry

  • Cloak Makers' Union (women)

  • Club Lectures

  • Dancing Class

  • English and Letter Writing

  • Geometry

  • Gymnastics (men)

  • Gymnastics (women)

  • Italian Class

  • Italian Reception

  • Italo-American Club

  • Jolly Boys' Club

  • Mandolin Club

  • Parliamentary Law

  • Physics

  • Singing

  • Social Science Club

  • Young Citizens69


At first the settlements were largely committed to education, which is the traditional American approach to every problem, probably because we all instinctively realize that our public-school system is our proudest contribution to popular government. From the very beginning, however, the educational process was mutual; Greek plays were given by Greek immigrants, already familiar with their own classics ...; reading parties in Dante were led by a local Italian editor...70

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