What's the name of my company this week?


No, I am not a contractor.  I work in foodservice.  The company that I work for (U.S. Foodservice, a division of Koninklijke Ahold, as of November 2001) sells food and restaurant equipment to hospitals, schools, hotels, prisons, restaurants, and other similar establishments.

Have you heard the joke, "You know you've had too much of the 90's when you have sat at the same desk for two years and worked for five different companies?"  I'm at seven years and four companies.

Update 2007: We've been sold by Royal Ahold to Clayton, Dubiliner & Rice and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.  And darn it, I never got to visit headquarters.  On the other hand, KKR has offices in London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, in addition to more mundane places like New York City and Menlo Park, California.  Hmm.  What can I do to get invited to HQ now?

I took these pictures at our 
Metro (New York) division

John Sexton & Co. c. 1987
(I missed this phase.)

U.S. Foodservice Inc.
(a division of Rykoff-Sexton)
1997 - 1998

Rykoff-Sexton, Inc.
1987 - 1997

The new U.S. Foodservice
1998 - 2000
We still use this logo.

One of my favourite legacies 
from John Sexton. 

Here is what I do: