October 1998

Continue Preparations

Once again, let me make one thing clear.  I am preparing to supply up to ten people for two to four weeks.  I expect to have difficulty getting either food, or water, or heat, but not all three.  I do not expect to have to leave our base, which is a small house in the suburbs east of Los Angeles.  I do not expect to have to defend our base or our supplies.  I expect that all services will be fully functional before one month has passed. 

If you think that things are serious enough that you need to make plans for a longer-term survival, I refer to you Captain Dave's Survival Center.

During the month of October, we continue with preparations.  We will be doing a lot less during this period, because of preparations for the holiday season.  

9 October

I went over to HomeBase today.  (HomeBase is a major hardware retailer, for those who live in areas without them.)  I was looking at generators.  Lorain has both a refrigerator and a separate freezer.  She stocks up on things like frozen juice, vegetables, bread, and meat during sales.  If the power goes out, this will be a problem.

There seems to be two problems involved in the purchase of a generator.  The first is that they are rather expensive.  The ones I saw were in the several hundred-thousand dollar range.  The other is that they seem to have about the same fuel requirements: about a gallon of propane per hour.  If the power were to go out for even two days, we would need almost fifty gallons of propane to run our freezer.   Where, exactly, are we going to store fifty gallons of propane? 

This may not be an issue in someplace like Arlen, Texas.  Here in California, I have serious concerns about storing large amounts of flammable materials near the house.  

We discust this, and agree that the best way to deal with this is to eat down the stored foods right before the holidays next year.  Use up the frozen stuff.   Replace it in the freezer with bags of ice.  If the power goes out and the freezer isn't opened, the food will probably stay frozen for up to 12 hours.  If the power still isn't on, we hold the biggest darn barbecue you've ever seen. 

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October 23

This is a weekend off.  We are working on personal projects.

Lauren Eve Pomerantz
October 1998
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