Year 2000: Are You Prepared?

News reports suggest that people do not understand the Year 2000 issue.  Many are not planning on taking any precautions.  I prepared this Web site for my family and friends, to explain what is going on and how the crisis may affect you.  If you were invited here, realize that it is because I love you and care about you and am seriously concerned about what may happen in the next few years.  If you surfed into this page, welcome.  I hope you learn something interesting.

What's Going On

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  • What Will Happen - 5 Issues for 1999-2001
  • GPS Dating
  • When September 9th = EndOfFile
  • Year 2000, the Biggie
  • Yes, 2000 is a Leap Year
  • And a Leap Year Has 366 Days
  • It Never Rains, But It Pours: Solar Storm Predictions
  • And For Extra Chaos, Bad Calls to the RTC New Stuff
  • What May Happen
  • What To Do - Take Action
  • When To Do It - My Preparedness Calendar
  • Resources - Where to Get Help On the Web
  • Y2K Humor - Laugh 'Til It Hertz
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    I am a displaced GeoCitizen.
    I can't believe how important I felt this was back then.  The Web host I recommended is no longer in operation.

     This Webring is still up and running,
    now devoted to personal preparedness.
    I should really do an earthquake site.

    About the Webmistress

    My name is Lauren Pomerantz, and I am a computer programmer in Los Angeles.  I have been involved in Year 2000 compliance since November of 1996.

    My Career Experience

    I work for a company with divisions across the U.S.  In late 1995, we had merged, and our headquarters had been moved from the midwest to the east coast.  The new company wanted to decentralize, and spent several months analyzing the computer systems of what had been a tightly knit, centrally controlled company.  It was discovered that a single IBM mainframe purchased in the early 80's was not Y2K compliant.  Worse, it was full of proprietary software that had been written by an MIS department that had been laid off following the merger.  It was decided to remove the computer rather than repair it.  The age of the hardware made this the most sensible decision.

    In order to remove the offending computer from our system, we had to change the processes that used this computer.  Unfortunately, it sat at the center of a web of mini-computers that drew information from it on a daily or weekly basis.  For the past three years, my job has been to support the process of redirecting the computer system around this one mainframe that cannot support the date change.  Things are not going well.

    My Personal Experience

    There are a lot of experts trying to alert the public about the Year 2000 computer crisis.  Most of these people are not from California.  Peter de Jager has been on the forefront of publicizing this crisis.  Peter de Jager lives in Canada.  He may have plenty of experience in planning for being snowbound, but little else.  The Yourdons, authors of Timebomb 2000, live in Manhattan.  I have lived in Southern California since 1984.  I have experience handling disaster.

    I have lived through earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, and El Niño.  I worked closely with Quakesafe when I was employed at the California Museum of Science and Industry.  I have had a full earthquake kit since 1987.

    In addition, I lived in Los Angeles during the most recent set of riots (1992).  I know firsthand what can happen when society breaks down.  This, more than anything, more than bank failure and economic collapse and the failure of large portions of the government's computer systems, is what scares me.

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