Poliomyelitis: The Last Childhood Plague
Living in Fear: America in the Polio Years
Roosevelt: A Presidential Campaign
March of Dimes: America Fights Back
Sister Kenny: Miracle Worker
Dr. Salk: The Man Who Saved the Children
Polio Today: Nearing the end of the battle
In Conclusion
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A Brief History of Polio - Written by Adam Dove of the Polio Information Center Online.

A Century of Poliomyelitis - A 1994 article marking the 100th anniversary of a small outbreak of polio in Brooklyn and Virginia. 

Polio - A nice medical summary.

Polio - A slightly more in-depth one.

Prevention and Treatment of Virus Diseases: Vaccines - In depth information on vaccination and immunity.  Cool graphics.

Living in Fear

Epidemics of Terror: Polio in America - A group of students from Carrick High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania researched, wrote, and made a videotape of a play about the development of the Salk vaccine.  It was done for a class festival and the National History Day Contest (1999).  Their site is mostly intended as an organization tool for their project members, but it has several useful pages.

         Glossary of Polio Terms
          Photo Gallery
          Polio Timeline
          Links - an excellent collection

Virtual Museum of the Iron Lung - An electrical engineer became fascinated with the history of the iron lung and created this Web site.

The Haunting of Summers Past, by Meredith Hindley - A brief history of polio in the 20th century and the story of the making of Nina Seavey's video A Paralyzing Fear.  From the September 1997 issue of Humanities, the official organ of the National Endowment of the Humanities, which funded the making of the video.

Polio: Remember Your Strength - This is a foundation to support people who have post-polio syndrome and to find medical treatments for PPS.  It's sort of a modern-day version of the old National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.  It's listed here because of the stories of polio survivors, especially people who were poster children for the NFIP. Timeline - A very comprehensive page.

The Search

Milestones - In 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt chartered the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.  Later renamed the March of Dimes, it was instrumental in the treatment of poliomyelitis and the research that led to the Salk and Sabin vaccines.  The March of Dimes remains the only health foundation that has achieved its original charter: the eradication of poliomyelitis. 

A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio in America - The making of Nina Gilden Seavey's PBS special on the search for the vaccine against poliomyelitis. 

Epidemic: On the Trail of Killer Diseases
     Polio: A Terror About to Be Conquered


New Deal Network - This project of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute has an enormous database of FDR photos.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum - The presidential library's official Web site.

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site - Has some interesting pictures not available elsewhere and a photoessay of Roosevelt's life.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial (Washington, DC)

Roosevelt's Page at the White House

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Disability - An examination of the affect that Roosevelt's paralysis had on his life.  Short, but has a unique point of view.

March of Dimes

The March of Dimes - Following the successful development of a vaccine against polio, the March of Dimes turned its attention to birth defects.  It presently funds research into the cause and prevention of birth defects and educational campaigns to promote the discovered preventions.  The March of Dimes has been instrumental in promoting the consumption of folic acid by pregnant women to prevent neural tube disorders.

Disability Social History Project - Archive of campaigns to help the "handicapped," including some for the campaign against polio.

Sister Kenny

Kenny Foundation - Founded by Sister Kenny in 1946, the foundation is dedicated to "breaking the attitudinal, economic, environmental, and informational barriers that people with mobility impairments face every day."

Sister Elizabeth Kenny - Her biography, from a documentary Web site about famous and interesting Australians.

Sister Kenny Institute - This former polio treatment facility is now a general purpose rehabilitation centre for people with physical limitations.

Dr. Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk Remembered as Gracious Hero of Century
Daily Transcript Business Report, 26 June 1995 - Following his death in 1995, Dr. Salk is remembered fondly by friends and coworkers.

Jonas Salk, M.D., Developer of the Polio Vaccine - Salk's biography in the Academy of Achievement.

Problems with Vaccination

Stealth Virus Research - A complex, technical article that discusses the contamination of inactivated virus vaccine with live virus.

Why Don't We Have an AIDS Vaccine? - Compares the Salk vaccination trials and the potential development of a vaccine against HIV.

Polio Today

The 40th Anniversary - The project by the Historical Center for the Health Sciences and the Bentley Historical Library was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the announcement of the polio vaccine. 


The Beginning of the End - The World Health Organisation's report on the attempt to rid the world of polio by the year 2000.

Global Polio Situation 1988

Global Polio Situation 1998

PolioPlus - Rotary International's campaign against polio includes vaccination days.

PICO: The Polio Information Center Online - This center provides information on poliovirus.

Ending Polio—Now or Never? - The author, Jong Wook Lee, is Director of the Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization, WHO.  He believes that we may be at a critical, now-or-never point in the drive to eradicate polio.

Post-Polio Syndrome

Post-Polio Syndrome Center

Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network


The Polio Paradox - The story of a woman who developed polio after her infant daughter was vaccinated with the live polio vaccine.


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